Sofie Van Daele - painter

'Impress'   oil on canvas    120x80cm

'Jackdaw is his friend'   oil on canvas 120x120cm

'Fluffy rabbit' oil on canvas 30x30cm

'Morning glory' oil on canvas 160x100cm

'Rutting time'    oil on wood    244x122cm

'Squirrel'    oil on canvas  18x13cm

'rabbit' oil on canvas 20x20 cm

'Belgian rooster'  oil on canvas  30x24cm

'Green light' oil on canvas' 70x50cm

Result of my first workshop photorealistic painting given by Ria de Henau ( Inspired by the ancient techniques  (STOLEN :(  )

'White silkie'    oil on canvas     120x180cm

'rabbit'     oil on canvas       20x20cm

'Ostriches'   oil on wood      80x120cm

'Lapland memories'    oil on canvas     60x60cm

'Foxie'  oil on canvas   30x30 cm

'Instinct' 100x100cm oil on canvas with alu frame

'Connection' 50x40cm oil on canvas wooden frame

'connection 2' oil on canvas 30x30cm wooden frame

'sea bass' oil on canvas 120x80cm alu frame

'fish' oil on canvas 100x100cm alu frame

'bird' oil on canvas 20x20cm wooden frame

mouflon oil on canvas alu frame 80x80cm

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